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Let Us Help you Grow your Facebook Group We provide 100% Real and Active Facebook Group Member for a cheap price.

We know that Facebook is not only a social platform but also a big platform for digital marketing and advertising. Facebook groups are nothing without members its takes a lot of time to get real members into your group. It can take years to get even a few thousand members into your group without spending lots of time and effort sharing and inviting friends in facebook.

Why spending years growing your Facebook Group?

When we can grow your group for you within a few days for a very small amount of money. You may request that any order you make be split among a maximum of 2 groups per order, simply enter 2 groups per order, and simply enter URLS instead of one on the order button into field.

We know that not only a social platform but also a big platform marketing and advertising in world wide. It’s also a big market place in global marketing. We have lots of facebook accounts each with lots of friends. We can simply join your group with a few accounts and then add all the friends from those chosen accounts to your facebook group.

We may require admin access for orders over 1000 members depending on how the adding process goes. This is the fastest and safest method that you can use to get facebook group members. It’s also possible to get the facebook group members by sharing your group link on facebook in other groups on friend’s timeline and also other pages. Though that method will ultimately get your group marketed as a spam link and make it impossible for anyone to share the group link without having to enter a confirmation first, this will kill your group quickly.

We add members to your group in the fasted and safest possible away and run no risk at all of receiving any form of facebook restriction or ban at all. We have added millions of members to thousand of groups and have never had any problems at all using the methods that we used today. After placing your order our system will be notified immediately and one of our team will send a request to join the facebook group that you have ordered members for.

We will need you to accept member request in order for add members. Once our request to join has been accepted your order in then placed into our system and we will start to add members to your groups according to amount that you have ordered. Due to the fact that all of the members that we add to your group are all real people we understand that some of them will receive the notification that they have been added for some reason the group is not there taste they will leave. That’s why we add in stages.

We add members to the Facebook group and then wait a short while an assess the amount of dropouts. According to that number, we then start the 2nd adding process on different people. Once we have worked out roughly how many people we required or we need to add to get your order delivered we then make 3rd add to the group. Our unique approach to group adding has proven successfully each and every time. We need 1-8 days to successfully deliver.

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